Uitstekende prestasies by Taalbond vir PV

Hugo Uys and Sandra Snyman.

Parel Vallei-leerders se tweetaligheid is werklik noemenswaardig as daar gekyk word na hul uitslae in die 2016 SA Taalbond Tweetaligheidseksamen.

Daar het duisende senior (Graad 10 tot 2) en junior (Graad 8 tot 9) hoërskoolleerders oor die hele land ingeskryf en Parel Vallei is pertinent deur die organiseerders van dié eksamen gelukgewens met hul puik uitslae.

Die SA Taalbond is ’n organisasie wat sedert 1953 ’* tweetaligheids-eksamen (in Afrikaans en Engels) jaarliks aanbied vir leerders in hoërskole.

Dit is die enigste geleentheid vir leerders om hulle tweetaligheid te bepaal en ’n sertifikaat te verwerf wat hul tweetaligheid aandui.

’n Totaal van 51 Parel Valleiers het die vyf-uur lange Taalbondeksamens afgelê.

Uit dié nasionale deelname, van meer as 3 000 leerders, het drie Parel Valleiers in die top geëindig.

Hulle is Sandra Snyman (derde – senior afdeling), Hugo Uys (vierde – senior afdeling), en Renée van Zyl (16de in die junior afdeling).

Die volgende leerders, wie se skryfstukke opgeneem is in die 2016 Taalbond-boekie, is ook geluk gewens:

Kyla van der Merwe (senior: Afrikaans); Hugo Uys (senior: Engels); Sandra Snyman (senior: Engels); en Caro Botha (junior: Engels).

Uittreksel uit Freedom (Sandra Snyman)

“We can spend our days pondering the troubles of our time or the many ways our country has failed us, but we cannot ignore the fact that we are more liberated than before.

“The ability we have to freely express our opinions is remarkable. Many people have some difficulty learning to harness this ability and often the process can lead to incidents of hate speech rather than free speech, but this is a privilege that cannot be disregarded.

“Social media marks a great leap in the freeing of people’s voices and allows comments to be shared that may have previously been censored, particularly against governments or politicians.

“This freedom is something to appreciate.

“Having said this, however, we must realize that this freedom is not yet equal enough.

“We may say citizens are free, but some are more free than others.”

Uittreksel uit My Inspiration In Life (Hugo Uys)

“This is one of those cheesy topics which makes your eyes roll back into your head and probably short circuits your creativity while you’re at it.

But I was listening to Twenty One Pilots when I felt a certain lyric hook my heart.

“It started: ‘Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit’. This line latched onto my thoughts and refused to let go. I think I figured out why…

“I have been anxious all my life. My nail-chewing since Grade 1 will testify. I’ve learned to accept it and figured that’s just who (or rather ‘how’) I am.

“That lyric was my epiphany. Suddenly I understood the humming in my soul and the violent flock of birds taking flight in my heart.

“It makes me dream of flying away on eagle wings to see and hear and smell and taste and feel this life.

“My yearning for freedom fuels my curiosity, my desire-no-NEED to KNOW.

“I am afraid of death. Not the pain nor the nothingness. Rather the fact that there will be so-so much I missed out on.

“Death will be spiteful beyond the grave, for there will be so much more art to feed on, literature to drink and music to breathe. Even when I have long since left this world.

Therefore I say YOLO. You Only Live Once. This doesn’t excuse getting drunk, being high and falling pregnant. It means minimize the experiences you missed out on once you exhale your final breath.

So go out into the world and “carpe” your “diem”.