Training teachers

Somerset College Preparatory School aims to develop teachers through an internship programme which has been developed and extended by the head of the preparatory school, Craig Verdal-Austin. The interns are involved in all aspects of teaching, learning and administration in the classroom, which gives them valuable hands-on experience. They also participate fully in the extra-curricular programme while studying towards a qualification in education. “As a school we are excited that we are part of developing teachers for the future,” said Mr Verdal-Austin.

Pictured are the students in the internship programme. Back, from left, are Clive Andrews, 2nd year B. Ed, foundation phase; Craig Boonzaaier, 2nd year B.Ed, intermediate phase; and Josh Visser, 1st year B.Ed, intermediate phase. In front, from left, are Anke Smit, 4th year B.Ed, intermediate phase; Dewald Raath, sport intern, AutoCad certificate; and Zoë Grobler, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, foundation phase.