Top eight at Parel Vallei High

Parel Vallei High School’s matric class of 2019 achieved a 100 pass rate.

Two hundred candidates wrote and passed with a class average of 67.4%, and the top 110 candidates achieved an average of 77.3%.

Forty three candidates passed at least four subjects with 80% or achieved an average
of 80% or more, and 413
subject distinctions were achieved. The top eight were:

Kayla van Rensburg: 94.83%, eight distinctions.

Anna Brooke: 91.5%, seven distinctions.

Ronan Wademan: 91.33%, seven distinctions.

Matt Titus: 91%, seven distinctions.

Michelle Cousins: 90.83%, seven distinctions.

Dean Joao: 89.16%, seven distinctions.

Carli Kilian: 89.16%, six distinctions.

Kayla Buchanan: 88.66%, seven distinctions.