Tokara brandy wins gold on world stage

Tokara XO Potstill Brandy has brought home the gold, in a recent international Brandy Masters competition.

Tokara, family-owned Stellenbosch wine estate, has won international acclaim once again with its hand-crafted XO Potstill Brandy, awarded a second Brandy Masters Gold Medal.

This annual competition, presented by The Spirits Business, an international spirits trade publication based in the UK, involved a panel of spirits specialists tasked with judging the 120 global entries of the finest brandies.

The local wine estate is no newcomer to the high accolades in this international contest, as Tokara XO Potstill Brandy also won a Brandy Masters Gold Medal in 2021.

The estate’s brandy made its 5-star debut in the Platter’s 2022 South African Wine Guide. The chenin blanc base wine is double distilled, retaining only the heart fraction for ageing in individual French Limousin oak casks for 13 years and longer.

“As a result of slow, prolonged barrel ageing in predominantly older Limousin barrels, the aromas and flavours are more concentrated allowing the brandy to develop its distinctive character, fine length and depth of aftertaste,” explains Tokara wine-maker Stuart Botha.

Producing a refined brandy of this calibre in the age-old cognac tradition has been the intention of GT and Anne-Marie Ferreira ever since they set their sights on making world-class wines at Tokara over two decades ago.