To the resuce

Trevor Gordon,
Somerset West

On Saturday September 15, my wife and I were travelling along the N2 from Somerset West towards Cape Town, my wife driving.

As we were approaching the airport turn-off the car made a strange noise and started losing power.

Not wanting to be stranded on the N2, I phoned the Cape Town Emergency Services (I had their number on my cellphone).

We turned off onto the airport road hoping to get to the service station there, but the car soon came to a standstill with smoke pouring out of the engine.

We left the car immediately before it burst into flames.

In no time a traffic officer arrived, followed by two policemen from the Flying Squad. Soon the fire brigade arrived to extinguish the fire, the car now a total burnt-out wreck.

My wife phoned the insurance company and they arranged for the wreck to be removed.

My wife and I must thank all who came to our rescue, including members of the public, and kept us safe until some kind people from Somerset West drove us home.