They all ‘deserve a Bells’

Ronald.K.Kriel, Kaneelsingel, Die Boord

Congratulations to Stellenbosch Flying Club for an excellent show last Saturday. I found that everything was very well organised.

To start with, parking was made easy and there was also a shuttle service.

There were plenty of stalls selling a wide variety of goods and food items for the thousands of spectators there.

I enjoyed the commentary as we were kept informed of all the events and news, and was amazed at the abilities of the various pilots.

What really impressed me was the pilot who handled the glider.

It was an eye-opener to see what can be done with an engine-less craft.

It was a pleasant autumn day, although rather hot.

We were lucky to get a site under a tree, I said to my son-in- law that the person who planted that tree “deserves a Bells”.

In fact, everyone
who helped organise the show “deserves a Bells!”

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