The rooster and the gospel

Rudyard Harrison, Somerset West

A young rooster has taken up residence in our neck of the woods.

His perfect song takes me back to a rare childhood stay at a country hotel.

A city lad waking up to the dawn song of several roosters in different parts of town…heaven!

Well, I’m sure you can guess that the local chap has not had a good reception from one of the neighbours.

Unsigned notes of disapproval are appearing overnight in various innocent parties’ letterboxes.

The location of the criminal remains unknown…

Meanwhile, the wide-eyed manager of a local coffee shop told me that a customer sent him a very rude email demanding that he ceases forthwith to play gospel music.

While gospel music may not be my “cup of coffee”, the incident reminded me of a more serious matter.

A few years ago, a store owner in the same complex had a difference of opinion with a shopper.

It concluded with the customer telling him bluntly to “go back to Korea where he came from!”

The rooster plays an important role in the gospel story and gospel music isn’t all that bad, especially if it’s played softly…

A pity it’s so difficult for us to love one another.