The kindness of strangers

Chris Hall, Somerset West

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank the woman who rescued my mother from the Circle Centre last Tuesday afternoon.

My mother, who is almost 90, found herself stranded when, on completing her shopping, her taxi failed to show up.

By unfortunate coincidence, her cellphone was broken, and she didn’t even have a note of my number so that someone else could call me.

The kind car guard offered to flag a taxi down for her on Caledon Street, but meanwhile, she had managed to drop the contents of her purse on the floor.

Her rescuer, who was just passing, asked if she could help. While she was picking up cash and credit cards, my mother explained her difficulty and the woman, who was with her 97 year old mother, immediately offered to drive her home.

When I later followed up with the taxi firm, it transpired that they had sent a car at the agreed time and they had picked an elderly woman up.

However, that woman was not my mother. This person had stolen my mother’s ride! In fairness, I’m sure we can see how that might have happened.

But thanks to the kindness of a stranger, my mother was safely delivered home, and we have learned some valuable lessons about “solo trips” to the shops.

Unfortunately, my mother didn’t get the name of her rescuer, but I am so grateful she was there, and that she did want she did.