Thanks to SAPS

Louis Fourie, Strand

I just want to compliment the SAPS officials in the Strand – Altena Street – on the friendly and efficient way they have rendered us service on a number of occasions.

There was the time when I needed the location and telephone number of the traffic licensing office. I need to add here that we are new to the town, having only moved here from Lambert’s Bay at the end of March.

The officer who picked up the phone at SAPS did not know the number I enquired about, but he contacted the traffic authority’s office in Gordon’s
Bay, where he obtained the information I needed.

On July 30, my wife and I went to report the loss of a cellular phone for purposes of putting in a claim against the insurance policy.

The captain at the desk mentioned some information required for such a report, and when we said that we would go and fetch that, he said no, he shall send someone to come take down a statement at our house.

The two gentlemen turned up scarcely 15 minutes later, and the matter was attended to right there in our living room.

The senior officer of the two said that I should phone in a bit later to obtain the SAPS case number we needed.

When I did phone in about an hour later, after the first two officers have been relieved by the night staff, the officer answering the phone apologised profusely for not having captured the data so a number could be generated, but promised to do so straight away, and to phone me once it was done.

Sure enough, scarcely 10 minutes later she phoned back as promised.

My wife and I are really grateful towards these people for their friendliness and the way they went out of their way to help.