Thanks to doctor

Annette Stones, Somerset West

Thank you for publishing the beautifully written opinion piece by Dr Haig MacRobert.

It brought the calm of the voice of reason, of reassurance, into the turmoil of outer collapse of the known and inner dissonance in the face of ongoing uncertainty and subdued dread.

And yet, as he said, “This too shall pass, eventually”.

Meanwhile, as he suggested, we can do a great deal to ameliorate our own and others’ experience of the present if we “pull together”, “practise kindness”, “keep calm”, “carry on” – and, I’d add, gently and empathically inspire others to do just that, in the way that
Dr MacRobert did.

As Dr MacRobert has demonstrated, the healing effected by the medical profession is not limited to the physical or the clinical, but most often inheres in the comfort brought by a caring heart to the human soul, and the encouragement of that to the spirit.

Just know, medical practitioners, that we are not unaware of the financial hardship and extreme stress to which you yourselves have been exposed since the start of the lockdown.

Just know that we care.

And, above all, know how very greatly we appreciate the fact that, despite your own suffering and anxieties, and the daily risks you brave, you are still so compassionately there for us with your expertise when needed.

Thank you for the grace of that.