Thanks from Radloff Park

Luca Mullinos and Lesley Dowden

Lesley Dowden

Friends of Radloff Park (FORP) would like to acknowledge and thank two very kind individuals who have given their time and knowledge in assisting in keeping Radloff Park clean and safe for walkers.

Generous of spirit, Luca Mullinos, 13, often spends her time creating lovely items to raise money for worthy causes, and on this occasion, FORP have benefited yet again from Luca making and selling pancakes.

She handed over R600 to FORP which has assisted greatly in contributing towards the wages for Chido, the woman who works hard in keeping the park clean by picking up dog poop, as well as towards some of the bags that Chido uses to do this.

The bee box in the tree at Radloff Park.

After noticing a beehive in a tree next to a bench Markus Kaps, a professional bee-keeper, has very kindly offered to relocate the bees safely to a suitable environment. FORP really appreciates community members like Markus, who are so willing to assist them.

If anyone would like to help towards the “Poop Fund“ (Chido’s wages and expenses), or have skills sets that they feel could benefit the maintenance of the park, contact Lesley Dowden at 082 822 1113.