Thanks from Masikhule

Liezel Calitz and Tertia Brand

Sandy Immelman, Somerset West

Every Mandela Day we are thrilled by the immensely generous donation from Winelands Radiology of beautiful blankets for our Cast On 4 Kids.

Each of these amazing blankets is lovingly stitched together by them, using the squares that their patients have knitted over the year.

Every time someone picks up those needles and adds a row or two, they are contributing to the make-up of these hand-crafted covers.

When they are complete, they will be distributed by the Masikhule team to the many Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres that they mentor in our surrounding marginalised communities.

So here’s to each one of you… as they say, it takes a village to raise a child.

With thanks from Masikhule (and see if you can spot one of your blankets on their Facebook page).