Thanks for gluten-free recipes

Bonnie van Esch, Somerset West

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Norman McFarlane for his articles, and especially his gluten-free recipes (I save all his recipes).

I have a gluten allergy, and my 12-year-old-daughter was diagnosed gluten intolerant eight months ago.

I’ve lived wheat/gluten restricted for about 10 years(not knowing it was due to gluten, but sensing I was worse after eating something with wheat.)

I only discovered what gluten was when I started to have severe reactions, and did my own research and diet elimination.

So now I have been 100 percent gluten-free for two years, and have been for blood tests to confirm this. I’ve also been sugar-free for a year.

I love baking, and have a huge amount of recipes I’ve tested and made up myself. I love to experiment (so, if you ever are looking for a particular recipe, let me know).