Thank you from the Animal Welfare Society

Julia Evans, Animal Welfare Sociery

The Animal Welfare Society (AWS) Helderberg, would like to take this opportunity to thank the community who rallied
during the spate of fires that plagued the area over the past two weeks.

In particular, we thank the Cape of Good Hope SPCA who assisted in uploading animals in distress and Louise Spagnuolo from Helderberg Animal Rescue Team (HART), who was very much in the centre of the action, as was Colleen Pienaar from Sir Lowry’s Pass.

Our staff ran continuously for two days and nights and remained on standby for calls.

Inspector Robin Landsdale was on the scene from the initial flare-up and Rico Pentz joined him later on.

In total the AWS took in 25 dogs, three cats, 15 rabbits, an injured egret, a tortoise, as well as many ducks, geese and other creatures.

With exception of the dogs and cats, the other animals were relocated within our wonderful community who opened their hearts and their homes.

Kay Sanders and Aziza De Villiers took on most of the birds.

All animals have since been returned to their owners and the wildlife has been sent to the appropriate places.

Thank you to Zonia Ackerman and Eugenie Wheeler McQueen who opened up the kennels after hours and stayed on site until after midnight, feeding, watering and providing bedding for the animals streaming in.

Thank you Susan Bellis for being on site in the early hours of the morning and ensuring the animals were exercised and rotated.

Thank you to Nicci Posthumous from Bunny Huggers for coming to our aid with the bunnies.

Thank you too, to the vets who phoned in, offering help and who also opened up to accommodate the animals of evacuees.

Thank you to the many people who phoned, made donations, visited the kennel to volunteer. Thank you to the Cape Animal Welfare Forum for keeping contact with me and offering assistance.

Thank you to the other animal organisations who offered assistance. From near and far.

Thank you Mambo’s for dropping off containers. A beautiful gesture.

Thank you to the FireWives and other people packing food for the firefighters – who also sent food for the animals.

What a wonderful community we have.

But not just here. I am amazed and grateful to the people who came from out of area to assist not just the animals, but the humans too.

Last but not least, thank you to the firefighters, the volunteers, the pilots, the security companies etc, for placing your lives on the line to save ours.

Please forgive me if I have left anyone out.

God bless you all.