Thank you, Friends of Radloff

Caption by C

Douglas Coghlan, Somerset West

The recent article about Radloff Park by Norman McFarlane has prompted me to write this letter of appreciation to Friends of Radloff Park (FORP).

As the lockdown restrictions have been eased, my wife Rita and I have taken to walking quite often at the park as it is easily accessible and safe for elderly people.

In recent walks we have noticed the improvements which have made walking in the park much more enjoyable.

We have seen the new trees and also plants and flowers.

Another improvement is the grass cutting which has enabled us to walk in parts of the park we have avoided in the past. We can now walk freely and not keep to busy pathways.

It appears that there has also been work on the river banks, and even ropes put up for children to swing on. Even some of the dogs seem to enjoy those.

We are really lucky to have this park where we can walk freely and safely and enjoy seeing the dogs, the children, and the people using the sports facilities. 

Thank you to FORP and the municipality, and we look forward to seeing what surprises there may be in store for us in the future.