Thank you for support

Dr Maryke Thomas operates on a dog during the recent spay day on Mandela Day.

Kate Gerber; ARO team Helderberg

We would like to say a big thank you from the teams at the Animal Rescue Organisation, African Tails, Four Paws and Envirovet for helping to make our Mandela Day 2016, the best it could be. Your post in

Bolander helped to drum up interest in our initiative and to bring in both donations and passionate volunteers.

Thank you for your keen interest in our Mandela Day challenge of taking on the ambitious task of spaying 67 cats and dogs from disadvantaged communities.

Dr’s Reuben Kotze, Maryke Thomas and Annelize Roos worked so hard that we managed to spay 76 animals on the day, and a further 33 the following day, bringing our total to 109.

We are all incredibly grateful for your interest and participation in the good work we do here at the centre.