Thank you

Boudewijn van Waesberghe,
Somerset West

A sewage drain at the back of my garden started to overflow yesterday morning (Monday March 16), so we alerted the municipality via the link straight

That very same evening the supervisor of the Macassar sewage-clearing team, Siyathemba Ngqakotye, came to inspect the exact location of the problem or “challenge” site, took a picture with his cellphone, and reported for duty
before 10am the next day.

They managed to do away with the relevant blockage relatively quickly, and were in a better mood when they left than when they arrived.

With the coronavirus about to explode in our country, I realised that the work of these municipal sewage-clearing workers has become more important than

They will be at the forefront of fighting this pandemic.

And for this very reason, their quick response time is highly appreciated.

Thank you Municipality of Cape Town, and Siyathemba Ngqakotye and his team, we do salute you.

One aspect of their “rescue” mission can be improved – they didn’t wear any face masks, and the municipality should inform all
their staff of the potential hazards
which the virus does bring along.