‘Terrifying’ explosion

Jo-Anne DesFountain, Die Wingerd

To: DA Councillors/Constituency Head – Gregory Peck, Mike ……..and Stuart Pringle

Re: The explosion on April 6, due to filming at Paardevlei (“Filming in Paardevlei”, Bolander letters, April 4):

After the neighbourhood was in shock and up in arms at the “terrifying” explosion experienced last night at 9pm, we request that you investigate this matter further.

The neighbourhood of Die Wingerd (and others – see Somerset West F acebook pages) were disgusted that this extremely large explosion was allowed – we did not receive notification or see it in the papers.

Neighbours poured out of their homes to catch dogs, cats, and of course birds flying everywhere – not to mention the extreme pressure felt in each of our homes – as if the rooves were about to cave in and windows about to explode out!

I see on one of the Facebook pages that someone’s window actually broke (I am sure there are others)!

Last night, on behalf of our neighbours, I contacted Darren Cameron – line manager of Out of Africa Entertainment – after tracking down the letter from the neighbourhood watch.

He said that authorisation had been received to carry out such an explosion and has emailed me this “authorisation”.

Please see attached documents. ?????

You are all better at understanding, identifying and researching that the correct authorisation was received.????

I do not see in this paperwork, any mention of:

1. Authorisation to use “live” explosive material

2. Authorisation to use a quantity of 25kg of explosive material (see SAP “Transport Permit”)

3. Transport Permit given – but no “Use of Explosives Permit” supplied

4. The Film Permit does not seem to list details of the explosion – type, material, etc

5. On pg 8 of Film Permit – please refer to stunts/special effects section (none was specified)

6. Was approval given by Animal Welfare and Cheetah Outreach Programme and others? (this is different from just informing them)

7. Was Cape Town Disaster Management Team informed of this?

8. Were any of you aware of the magnitude of this explosion?

In conclusion, we would like you to investigate the authorisation for the use of such a large quantity of explosives in a residential area, and to ensure that this never occurs in the future again.

The neighbourhood respectfully awaits your investigation
into this matter, and, your thorough feedback.

As our councillors, and Carolyn – as always a fierce defender of the community, we hope you can get to the bottom of this.

The City of Cape Town can confirm that the film production company has a permit for filming at Paardevlei. The additional permissions required for the controlled special effects/explosion are in the process of being finalised.