Tellinger and Fresk at the Drostdy and Ou Meul

Tellinger and Fresk is a creative meeting of the minds between South African songbird Barbora Tellinger and American Grammy nominated jazz pianist John Fresk.

Tellinger has performed in various parts of the world and provided training for music students and professionals for over two decades.

Her career began in the protest theatre days of the 1980s Black Sun and the Voelvry movement, and has seen collaborations with artists like Rashid Lanie, Lionel Bastos, Robin Auld, Thandi Claasen, Abigail Kubeka, Johannes Kerkorrel, and support act for Meatloaf.

Until 2016 she spent 12 years in academia as the jazz vocal and ensemble lecturer at TUT School of Music and the University of Pretoria.

Fresk was educated at North Texas University, and is a Grammy nominated jazz pianist who has worked with the likes of Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea. Arguably the most skilled and prolific pianists in South Africa, he excels at every genre, from Richard Kock’s symphony orchestra to the Orbit’s Funk Band.

Their music is taken from the Great American Songbook of jazz. With original compositions and the likes of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and Billie Holiday well represented, it really don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

On Wednesday August 30, they will be at the Drostdy Theatre, Stellenbosch, at 8.15pm.

Tickets cost R180, students R60.

Book at

On Friday September 1, they will be at the Ou Meul Teater in Paarl, at 8pm. Book at