‘Tackling’ the fishing problemat Radloff

Pat Baldwin,
Somerset West

I have just finished reading the article by Katharina Steele on her wonderful rescue of the baby duckling (“Duck in distress”, Bolander letters, December 4).

I hate animals (especially the babies) being harmed. It is inconceivable to me how “fishermen” can leave their tackle eg. fishing hooks etc. behind and not clear up before they go home.

Where I live we have baby ducks, geese, guinea fowl roaming around and it makes me so happy to see the latter in my garden pecking away and the parents overseeing things.

The baby ducks are looked after by their parents and when we walk near them around the dam the father who is guarding them starts his danger signal quack, mother hustles them all together to jump into water, but now that he knows us, that is, my dog and I, and that we mean no harm, he just stands
and ignores us totally, and instead watches his family.

Nature is a wonderful thing and for me hunting is a total no, no, no. Why kill a beautiful animal just “for the fun of it”.

Good on you, Katharina. I was so happy to read at the bottom of your letter that the duckling was fine and safe with his parents.