Support of development

John Simpson, Somerset West

I fully support Helderberg College to sell a portion of their land for development.

Fifty houses will have no discernable negative impact on our suburb.

Sure, during building there will be inconveniences. Development is inevitable here. Rather work together to ensure we get an appropriate extension.

This development will have no visual impact on the mountain.

I walk here twice a week and have looked at the lie of the land and it won’t have a negative impact.

Sad how quick some are to attack others who don’t share their point of view, rather than focusing on the facts.

In the long run you will not stop development, so I suggest work together to ensure that we end up with an enhancement to our suburb.

I fully support the views expressed by Dr Bernhard Ficker, he makes good sense.

Sad that he is subject to personal attack by what I suspect is a very vocal minority.

Dont reject development per se, nor blindly support it, but rather understand it is inevitable, and therefore help ensure that the development is an asset to our area.

I do live in Helderberg Estate and no, I am not connected to Helderberg College.