Student Hub drives innovation in tertiary education

Student Hub is an educational e-learning and e-commerce service provider with an innovative technology solution platform where students can buy, sell or rent textbooks and access study tools.

Founded by Hertzy Kabeya in 2015, the company provides multiple services to students at educational institutions both in South Africa and in Africa.

In addition to being the company’s founder, Mr Kabeya is also the managing director and runs the company alongside the chief marketing officer, Imrah Gilwa.

The team at Student Hub wants to create a world where opportunities to access educational information are multiplied and where willingness to learn is a key attribute required in becoming an expert in any field.

The company is now extending its initial e-commerce platform by adding an e-learning component where students can access study support tools.

According to Mr Kabeya, the rapid pace of technological developments in the information age is creating a myriad opportunities to deliver information to users in networked economies and societies in a more affordable way.

“The delivery of learning information at tertiary educational institutions and the ease of learning the content shouldn’t come at premium prices. Our platform therefore provides innovative services, solutions and trade processes to facilitate the ease of the learning journey for students.

“We do this by helping with learning support. And in this way we are trying to make access to prescribed textbooks legal, easily accessible and affordable,” says Mr Kabeya.

In September 2015, Mr Kabeya pitched the Student Hub idea in the Education Technology challenge at Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab’s Ideas Programme Pitching Platform. It was one of nine winners and the company was subsequently awarded seed funding.

Student Hub has operations in Observatory, Cape Town, and in Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab. To learn more about Student Hub, visit their website at

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