Stuck on the street

A street person,Somerset West.

Street-people, when we see that word we automatically think of those who search through bins for food, or anything else, drunks or drug addicts laying on the pavements, people walking around with a blanket wrapped around them, or those standing at a robot or on pavements begging for money or food.

We don’t see those who go looking for work every day, send out their CV every day, those who try and remain clean and presentable even though they live on the streets.

Those who do not depend on drugs or alcohol, do not come and harass you for money or food because they believe we should work for an income.

Yes, we have been hungry because of it, many times.

We still pray to God daily and thank him for what He provides.

We never stop trying and always keep our faith that things will get better.

When you look at a street person you don’t think they could have an education, some of us do, not everyone gets on the street because of drugs or alcohol. While I am here I will not lose my faith, I will not become bad-mannered and I will not stop trying to find work. I wrote this for a number of reasons.

It’s not nice being painted with the same brush, I am a positive person and also dislike a lot of the behaviour of certain street people. Hopefully someone may read this and have a position for a person who has an NQF5 RFP3 and RE. God does not want me to do nothing.

(Name withheld by request.)

Anybody who might be able to help this person, can email, and the message will be passed on to him.