Strong objection

Amanda Haasbroek, Strand

We strongly object to what you want to do to Radloff Park. It feels like paradise to us – for our dog as well as for us humans – not only because the park is a beautiful, tranquil and shady area, and the path leads alongside the river, but especially because dogs run freely there, can play and socialise with other dogs and swim there.

It gives all the dog lovers using the park great pleasure seeing the dogs so happy and free.

A park like Radloff is an absolute rarity and a very special attraction, and therefor visited by so many people of all ages: families with small children on bicycles and running round, young people as well as older people.

There are only few towns that can boast with a recreational park like this, and we are so grateful for the privilege thereof.

People from as far as Stellenbosch and Gordon’s Bay come there, especially bringing their dogs there to run around freely.

The interaction among humans and dogs are happy and friendly. From Rottweilers up to Yorkies meet and greet each other – sometimes we count up to about 40 dogs simultaneously – all shapes and sizes.

We are regular walkers there for the past six years and have never seen a dog fight or having problems with aggressive dogs.

The reason: they are not tied on leashes. Dogs on leashes feel threatened, and are therefore more dangerous than loose running ones.

Currently the dogs are all over and running freely, and therefore one feels safe and secure walking there. This will no longer be the case if they all have to be tied on leashes.

I am sorry, but to fence us in in such a small (and such an uninteresting barren area without trees, grass or even near the river) is a ridiculous and thoughtless suggestion.

If you fence us in it will just lead to major dog fights. You can’t put 40 or more loose running dogs in a “cage/pen” of 4015m². They will all be running around in circles. How much fun could that be?

This will change the whole character of this wonderful and peaceful park.

Radloff Park is currently such a vibrant, popular and happy place and visited by so many people. Almost any time of day you will find dog walkers there.

Please don’t spoil this piece of heaven. Please keep Radloff Park the way it is.