StreetSmart SA is expanding

Claire Dixon of Chatters Bistro in Somerset West and Liesel Battell of StreetSmart Knysna.

Making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children R5 at a time just got easier with the expansion of the StreetSmart initiative into accommodation and wine tasting establishments.

The decision to branch out from a purely restaurant driven campaign developed organically at the request of owners of wine farms, guest houses and hotels who expressed interest in becoming involved and joining the StreetSmart SA community.

In addition to the 94 restaurants throughout South Africa where patrons can make a voluntary R5 donation added to their bill, guests at an increasing number of wine tasting rooms, B&B’s, guest houses and hotels are now also able to make a contribution.

All funds raised support organisations working with street children within the area where the establishments are located.

StreetSmart SA is a conduit fund-raising organisation that partners with restaurants, accommodation establishments and wine tasting rooms, to receive donations from diners and guests to support their own locally based beneficiary organisations.

In this way locally run programmes that prevent the vulnerable from becoming street children, and help those already on the streets through reintegration back into schools or families, can be more adequately funded.

“Many drops make a river, and that is exactly how the generosity of so many people makes it possible for StreetSmart to literally change lives, R5 at a time, through our support of programmes that work towards normalising the lives of vulnerable children and those living on the streets. So, please become part of the StreetSmart partner network and give responsibly,” says Melanie Burke, StreetSmart chairperson.

For more information or to make a donation, contact StreetSmart on 021 447 3227 or or visit