Strand Patrol doing so much more than community safety

Here members can be seen, together with artist, Lionel Smit, during the repositioning of Assemble on Thursday April 14. In the back from left, are Kudzai Chingono, KC Gericke (Strand Patrol chairperson), Lionel Smit, artist; and Zuma Moyakhe. In the front, from left, are George Venter, Strand Patrol; Delray Delport, Strand Patrol; and Leanne Gericke, Strand Patrol.

Following up on our article last week (“Artwork makes comeback in Beach Road”, Bolander, Wednesday May 11), we wanted to give accolade to members of Afriforum’s Neighbourhood Watch, Strand Patrol, who also played a significant role in hunting down the alleged suspect sought for toppling the sculpture Assemble off its base.

Bolander was informed of how members of the Strand Patrol had, after the first apprehension of the alleged suspect (and after an official case was opened by the Strand Police), for a second time gone actively in search of the suspect, and apprehended him and handed him over to Strand Police on Friday March 25. Strand Patrol was also actively involved in restoring the statue to its place.

Additionally, Strand Patrol members had as part of a community outreach during the Easter Weekend this year, distributed 740 Easter eggs, colouring books and crayons, to children in Chris Nissen Park and Kays Caravan Park in Strand.

Members of Strand Patrol can be seen during this outreach in April.
Children benefited from the outreach received these Easter-themed items.