Stellenbosch academy is destination of choice for national hockey teams

The Stellenbosch Academy of Sport (SAS) is becoming a popular destination for international hockey teams from around the world and now also the South African national men’s hockey team.

Following the example of the Dutch national hockey teams who stayed at the SAS in recent years the national women’s teams from Germany and India are currently staying at SAS.

Recently the South African men’s team came to SAS to do some scientific testing and see the facilities.

“We really enjoy having various sporting teams and individuals from all over the world coming to SAS,” said SAS chief executive officer, Rob Benadie.

“It is important that we are not seen as a facility for only one sport. It is great to also now have the German and Indian teams staying here for the first time after the Dutch teams came for the past three years,” said Mr Benadie.

“The team thoroughly enjoyed their time at SAS,” said Lloyd Norris-Jones, one of the SA players. “The services on offer make for an unique professional setup and we look forward to working with Rob and his team in the future.”

Germany’s coach Jamilon Mülders said it does not feel like work when you train and stay at SAS.

“The spirit at SAS is amazing. It is made for athletes. When you go for breakfast early in the morning you see the rugby guys already rocking the gym and that is such a motivation.

“You want to train and be active because that is the environment that has been created with all the athletes and teams here,” he said.

India’s coach Neil Hawgood added: “What has been created here at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport is truly unique.

“When we came here, my biggest goal for my team was that the players be exposed to a high performance environment where everything and everybody has a high performance attitude.

“While the facilities here are great – and I really do appreciate that – it is the elite and professional environment on all levels here at SAS that makes this place what it is and will make teams come back.”

Germany and India played in the summer series against the SA women’s team. Scotland was also part of the series.

The South African men’s team played in a three match test series against Germany.

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