Spring treasure hunt in the Helderberg

The team, from left, Carol van den Heever, Jacques van den Heever, and Daniella Baschiera.

A local IT guru is staging a spring online treasure hunt in the Helderberg with a R10 000 prize, and Bolander engaged with the originator of the idea, Jacques van den Heever, to find out more.

Q Tell us who you are.

A My name is Jacques van den Heever, and I’ve lived in Somerset West since 1991.

Q What do you do for a living?

A I’m in IT and I’ve worked for myself since 2001.

Q How does your occupation tie in with the competition?

A Since I’m in IT I had all the tools, knowledge and experience to create the platform to host the treasure hunt online.

Q What is the name of the competition?

A It’s not a competition, but an online event. The online event goes by Treasure Hunt Spring 2020 hosted by Treasure World.

Q Who is the brains behind the competition?

A I’m the guy with the ideas and my wife is the one that executes my ideas and makes it a reality.

We are privileged that we both make up for where the other one falls short. We compliment one another.

Q How did the idea come about?

A Forrest Fenn, an American, hid a treasure chest 10 years ago and it was found this year during the lockdown.

His idea was getting people outdoors to go look for his treasure chest. I thought of continuing this idea in our community.

Q Who is involved in the running of the competition?

A My wife, Carol, our marketing director, Daniella Baschiera and me.

Q Is this the first time you are doing something like this? Please elaborate.

A Yes this is the first time that we are hosting a public treasure hunt. Should the excitement and support continues we will be hosting another one in the summer of 2021.

Q Why are you running the competition?

A I believe the best medicine for a person, be it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is for them to experience the outdoors and appreciate mother nature. This event will aid people in practicing the four health laws – exercise, water, temperance, air.

Q What will the competition entail?

A Should people want to participate in the treasure hunt they need to register to receive a treasure hunt pass. On Sunday October 4 at 8am, 10 hidden clues will be sent to all participants.

These 10 hidden clues will lead you to the hidden treasure chest if deciphered correctly. A digital key is to be found inside the treasure chest.

The finder will have to send us both their pass and digital key (instructions inside the treasure chest) in order to receive the R10 000. The R10 000 reward requires that you have a treasure hunt pass.

Q What are you hoping to achieve through the competition?

For people to appreciate mother nature and realise that the true treasure is in the adventure to go look for the treasure chest.

Q When will the competition run?

A The Treasure Hunt will start on Sunday October 4 at 8am until the treasure chest has been found may that be a day, a week or a month.

Q Who will be permitted to participate or who is your target market and why?

A Anybody can take part no matter the age, race or gender.

We encourage all people to take part individually or in teams in hopes to get them outdoors.

Q How can people get involved?

A People who want to be participants in the adventure can register at www.treasureworld.co.za or WhatsApp 068 2166 754.

We will also be rewarding the best outdoor photo taken during the treasure hunt with R1 000 -some motivation for all those photographers.

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