Somerset College top students

Rachel Mudge, the top Cambridge student at Somerset College.

Somerset College has announced their top Cambridge AS- and A-level students, who completed their examinations in October/November 2020. The examinations were the culmination of a very difficult year with Covid-19 restrictions and online learning. The school commends the commitment of their students and staff, and thanks their Cambridge teachers for their efforts and dedication to preparing the students as well as they did in the trying times. The school also expressed gratitude towards parents for their support of their children and the school.

The following A-level students achieved all A symbols:

Rachel Mudge: Further Mathematics A*; MathematicA*; Chemistry A*;

Biology A.

Peter-Jack Harrison

Peter-Jack Harrison: Computer ScienceA*; PhysicsA*; MathematicsA*

Saurabh Roychoudhury

Saurabh Roychoudhury: Computer Science A*; Further Mathematics A; Mathematics A; Physics A.

Dhania Schultz

Dhania Schultz: English Language A; English Literature A; MathematicsA.

Chloe Smit

Chloe Smit: Mathematics A*; ChemistryA*; Biology A.

Clara Smit

Clara Smit: Mathematics A*; Physics A*; Economics A.

At AS level, the results were also outstanding with Joshua Bloom, Hannah Bowker, Noalou Brawermann, Nell Hauptfleisch and Liam Watson all achieving a full complement of A symbols.

Mieka Enthoven and Tiana Husselmann both impressed with four A symbols and one B symbol.

At AS level this year, the school has a very promising cohort who have opted to follow the Cambridge Programme, and a number of very strong external students.