Somerset College pupils ace Cambridge tests

Charles Fauël

Somerset College introduced the Cambridge Programme in 2015, and six pupils enrolled in the first AS-level class.

After successfully completing their AS examinations at the end of 2015, they completed the even more demanding A-level qualification by writing their final Cambridge International examinations in November 2016.

In the Advanced Level (A-level) examinations, Dario Trinchero obtained 4 A symbols for mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science. An A indicates a score of over 90%.

Charles Fauë* scored 2 A and 1 A symbol in mathematics, physics and economics. Alex Peter scored 3 A symbols in mathematics, physics and economics.

Robert Harris and Roark Mudde both earned A symbols in mathematics and also two B symbols in computer science and physics, and biology and physics respectively.

Layla Ferguson did well to earn three A-levels in English literature, history, and art and design.

In the Advanced Supplementary (AS-level) examinations, Niclas Baur and Alex Geras both achieved a full-house of A symbols for English, mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.

Lloyd Everett achieved A symbols in English, Afrikaans, mathematics, physics and computer science.

Six of the 14 pupils who wrote the mathematics examinations achieved A symbols, and 10 out of 11 pupils who wrote the Afrikaans examination scored A symbols.

Twenty six new pupils have enrolled in the AS-level this year, and among them are a number of international students from Kenya, England, Singapore, Namibia, Morocco and the UAE.

“We believe that students from elsewhere bring an exhilarating dynamic to bear on an institution and this broadens the horizons of our current students,” said Meg Fargher, executive head of Somerset College.