Somerset College pledges to save water

Somerset College Preparatory School has pledged to save water by joining the Smile Water Warriors of Smile Radio. Laurika Steenkamp, head of arts and culture, chose water as a theme for class music lessons this term because the Western Cape is experiencing a serious drought. “It is interesting to note that water has regularly been used by composers and instrument-makers over the centuries. In this way, everyday life is integrated and made relevant to the children studying music in the preparatory school,” commented Ms Steenkamp.

During this week, pupils signed up to be “Water Warriors”. They then had the opportunity to share how they save water at home and their photographs of what they are doing will be shared in the school’s newsletter. Other initiatives include children bringing grey-water from home to grow tomatoes at school, as well as researching ways to save water at school.

When Smile Radio heard of the school’s commitment towards the Water Warrior Project, they sent 500 car stickers to the school for parents and staff to publicly show their support.

Pictured, left, are pupils at the notice board with all the pledges, and right, pupils signing the Water Warrior pledge.