Somerset College IEB results

Matthew Beattie

Somerset College proudly presents the IEB Senior Certificate examination results for the Class of 2020, which upholds the college’s tradition of a 100% Bachelor Degree (university entrance) pass rate.

The average number of matric distinctions over the past five years stands at three per student, confirming the college’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

There were a total of 261 A symbols, and the following achievements:

Top 1% Awards in specific IEB subjects: 14

Commendable achievement: achieved within the top 5% in five subjects and achieved a rating level of seven in Life Orientation – Emma Anderson and Tiana Nauta.

Outstanding achievements: achieved within the top 5% in six or more subjects and achieved a rating level of seven in Life Orientation – Stephanie Bihl and Jonathan van Druten.

Advance Programme A symbols: 8 (All Mathematics)

(These are included in the reporting of the total A symbols achieved by the students.)

Students with nine A-symbols:

Jonathan van Druten

Students with eight A-symbols:

Daniel Abelson

Emma Anderson

Matthew Beattie

Stephanie Bihl

Tiana Nauta

Emma Richardson

Lauren Schoeman

Students with seven A-symbols:

Jesse Dukes

Nicholas Friedrich

Sophia Friedrich

Monique Grove

Emma Martin

Joshua van Cuyck

Zachary van Cuyck

Students with six A-symbols:

Tara Cooper

Katie Harries

Students with 5 A symbols:








Students with four A-symbols: 9 (One student’s name not included as permission to publish was withheld)

Athraa Abrahams

Michaella Beart

Ella Johnson

Akhanya Mbengashe

Stephanie McDonald

SunÉ Oosthuizen

Emma Toth

Jarrod van der Poll

Graham Sayer, the executive head the matric 2020 year group, congratulated the pupils on their results, saying he hoped they will serve them well in their lives that lay ahead.