Some good news

Nalda Russell, Somerset West

Last week, while shopping in Main Road, Somerset West, my purse, containing cash and cards, was stolen by a passer-by who made a very speedy get-away across the Lourens River Bridge.

My immediate reaction was, “Oh well,
I’d better cancel my cards when I return home.”

I returned to my house, and about
20 minutes later received a call to say that Vetus Schola Neighbourhood
Watch would like me to visit the local police station to retrieve my purse, and identify the suspect, who had already been apprehended.

All the necessary procedures were followed by Warrant Officer Sebastian Williams at the Somerset West police station, and
the purse returned to me.

It was completely intact, nothing having been removed, and I was back home less than two hours after the initial theft.

I wish to commend, and thank, all the people involved…
the witnesses whose actions resulted in the quick apprehension of the suspect, Albert Leibrandt of
Vetus Schola Neighbourhood Watch, and his officers who were very efficient, and Warrant Officer Williams.

In all cases I was most impressed with the courtesy extended to me and the
efficiency of all
parties. Thank you to all concerned.