Socks to save our precious rhino

Rhino activist, Hunter Mitchell, shows off his socks.

Somerset West rhino activist, 12-year-old Hunter Mitchell, has come up with a brainwave to help fund his mission to save our precious rhinos.

Last year, Hunter pitched his idea of a rhino sock collection to one of his inspirational mentors, Suzanne Ackerman-Berman and it was with Suzanne’s support and belief that he worked hard throughout the year with the Pick * Pay clothing team to make his dream a reality.

His “Raise the Baby Rhino with Hunter” foundation rhino socks hit the shelves in most Pick * Pay Clothing stores throughout the country just in time for Christmas. The collection is all Hunter’s own design with five different unisex colours, and retails for R29.99 a pair for adults, and R19.99 a pair for children, making them the perfect gift for family and friends locally and overseas.

Available while stocks last, the socks are cotton-rich and made locally, which was one of Hunter’s stipulations. All proceeds will go directly to “Saving the Survivors” – a team of wildlife vets, that Hunter works closely with, whose mission is to save every animal who has fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incident.

“We will achieve more for our future if we are all making a small difference instead of expecting just a few people to make a massive difference”, says Hunter. “We have only been given one planet – one planet to love, share and protect. What we do to this planet will be handed onto our children and grandchildren.

“As the New Year dawns, I believe it’s important to pause for a moment to celebrate the accomplishments for our wildlife, even the small ones,” says Hunter. “And while there’s still work to be done, every victory shows us that we can challenge the threats to nature and help ensure their future. It’s not too late – we all can make a difference.

“Rhino’s are our heritage and need our help now more than ever.

“Please buy a pair and wear your rhino socks with pride and help spread awareness so we can all have the privilege of having these amazing animals in our future.”

Bolander spoke to Hunter’s mom, Lynley, on Saturday, and she confirmed that stock is still available in the Helderberg.

“Somerset Mall Pick n Pay, The Sanctuary Pick n Pay and the Curro Pick n Pay Clothing Store at Sitari, all have plenty of stock,” she said.