Service excellence

Paul van den Elzen, Somerset West

In times when the mainstream continually cries foul in my beloved country, and pessimism seems the new normal, it is an absolute pleasure to commend the much- maligned Telkom and the outsourced personnel responsible for Somerset West.

The situation: our lines are down. No sign of life. Storm…

Bad for security reasons. Fault reported.

Telkom endeavours to resolve the problem within two to three days.

Restored within two days. New fault. Again stormy weather.

Reported and again restored within two days. Progress reports received regularly by SMS.

Online simple to work with for controls. Repairs report to maintenance the connecting lines are more than ‘madala’, need an overhaul.

Maintenance is on the premises the next day and does the necessary, not only at our erf but also further down the line. Result: a satisfied client with working lines.

I commend them for a sterling job.