Security or harrasment?

Hennie Vermaas, Somerset West

During the last week I turned around and left three different places due to the fact that the security at the gates insisted that they must scan my driver’s license or identification card for security reasons.

I will never again go to these venues for the simple reason that my driver’s licence and identification card contain personal information.

This despite the fact that we are reminded over and over again not to provide personal information to strangers.

I refuse to provide this, because:

It contains my identification number;

I do not know where the scanned data will be stored;

I do not know how long the data will be stored;

I do not know who have access to the data;

I do not know how secure the data will be;

I do not know what my identification number will mean for security – they have the vehicle registration number;

What guarantee will I have that the data that they obtained will be stored in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act.

I will be more than willing to let them scan the documents on one condition, and that the venue provide me with a letter wherein they accept full responsibility for securing the data.

Should anything be leaked or used in any inappropriate way, and the source could be traced to the venue, then they will be responsible for any financial loss or inconveniences that I might experience due to their negligence.

Question now is: “Am I stubborn or not?”