Searching for truth and spiritual meaning

Peter Dalbock

A series of lectures titled “Encounter: The Search for Light, Truth, Hope and Meaning”, will be presented by Peter Dalbock at Hottentots Holland High School hall, starting on Tuesday August 21, at 7.15am, and running every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening for the next few weeks.

Peter grew up in the Eastern Cape and studied Biological Sciences at Rhodes University.

He taught at various high schools, eventually becoming Head of Department at Sea Point High School.

Although an avowed atheist and believer in the teachings of Richard Dawkins, he came to realise the shortcomings of the evolutionary theory that he had taught for many years, and he came to the conclusion that there is much more to
life than just being an accident which spontaneously arose out of nothing.

He studied various religions, but it was specifically the fulfilment of Bible prophecy that changed his mindset from being an atheist to a theist.

Since then he has furthered his studies in Theology, eventually completing his MA in Religion, and is at present a spiritual leader in the Peninsula area.

In this series, Peter will share his journey in search of spiritual light and meaning; as well as his findings and the conclusions reached.

The lecture series will focus on archaeology, science (evolutionary theory) and Bible prophecy.

His lectures cover topics such as The search for our human origins; Darwin’s Black Box; Global signs you cannot ignore; Amazing discoveries in lost cities of the dead; The Bible’s most amazing prophecy and the scroll that was cursed; The coming man of the east, and What really happens at death?

Entry is free; donations will be taken to cover costs. For more information, contact Peter at 021 855 1940 or 083 579 4080 or