Scrap the plastic

The bamboo straws, and a handy cleaner.

Have you ever put a plastic bag over your head, in seconds the panic of not having oxygen sets in – imagine a dog or cat not able to help themselves and enduring this kind of suffering, that ultimately will lead to their death.

Thousands of animals scrounge for food daily, on dumps, informal settlements and anywhere else that they may find food.

Some consume plastic, either mistaking it for food or eating a plastic container as well as the left-over content.

The Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch (AWSS) is the first domestic animal group to launch eco-friendly products in an effort to “scrap the plastic”.

Our clinic has treated various cases of intestinal blockages due to plastic being ingested.

The plastic also causes animals to feel full which results in them eating and drinking less and often leads to severe malnourishment.

The AWSS is passionate about the many projects and campaigns to ban plastic, specifically carrier bags and straws.

For this reason we have produced the AWSS shopper bag and special edition bamboo straw set.

In addition, to celebrate Mandela Day 2019, we will be having a Scrap the Plastic Brak Trap, where individuals and corporates are invited to visit the shelter and walk one of our rescue dogs and at the same time pick up litter in the vineyards across from the shelter.

We aim to fill 67 refuse bags.

For those not able to visit the shelter, join the online campaign, which will launch in early July. Snap a selfie with your dog and bag of litter and stand a chance to win a prize.

The carrier bags and straws are available on our online store at

Jessica Perrins, the head of fundraising and communications for AWSS, can be contacted at 071 442 4215, 021 883 9129, or

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