Scouting around

2nd Somerset West Scouts Edward van Antwerpen, Liam Mulder, Lucia Schmuts, Kyra Williss, Bradley Boyd, Dylan Ribbans, Joshua Adair and Amber van Niekerk placed eight in the annual Gordon Shield Camping Competition.

The 2nd Somerset West Scouts took part in the annual Gordon Shield Camping Competition, which was held during August at Hawequas near Wellington, with 42 Western Cape teams participating.

Although it was a very cold and wet weekend, the competition proceeded unabated. The Monte Vista Scouts won, and 2nd Somerset West Scouts were proud to be placed eigth in this tough competition.

The Somerset West Scouts hosted this year’s Provincial Orienteering Competition on Sunday September 11 at the Helderberg Nature Reserve.

Seventy-nine teams of Scouts came together to participate in a competition consisting of a combination of map reading, planning, team work and fitness.

The scouts, in teams of two or three, were given a map of the reserve and required to use their skills to locate 40 flags placed around the reserve, within an hour.

It was a fabulous challenge on a really sunny afternoon, with plenty of skills being exercised, and much fun had, which made the day a huge success. Thanks to all organising team members for their hard work.

The overall winners were 2nd Fish Hoek Scouts, who took the Argus Trophy home, while the 2nd Somerset West Scouts placed third.

 Grace Adair does public relations for 2nd Somerset West Scouts.