Sad mother

Jealene Longworth, where from?

I am a single mother of a B Com marketing student at Stellenbosch University.

This morning while students had class, a purpetrator walked into her class while students and lecturer were in class and stole her Apple laptop.

This is absolutely shocking, and extremely worrying that this can happen at a university where human beings are trying to get a degree to make a life for themselves.

If this is happening at an education facility where our children should feel safe and happy and positive,
how will we ever
live in a safe South Africa?

As a single mother I cannot afford
to buy her a laptop again.

I could not even afford insurance because I trust that when our children
are in class getting lectures that they are safe and their tools they need to master their degree.

This is a very,
very sad day for us as a family and we hope our daughter feels encouraged after this to finish her honours degree that she works day and night at.

Reply from Martin Viljoen, media manager, Stellenbosch University:

Stellenbosch University shares the writer’s disappointment and frustration over the high level of theft and crime in South Africa.

In spite of advances over the last few years (our crime stats are at a 10 year low) Stellenbosch University is not exempt from criminal activities as are experienced in the rest the country.

The fact that we are an open campus poses unique security challenges.

For this reason extensive safety and security systems are in place and continuously upgraded and improved.

This is combined with continuous awareness creation initiatives amongst staff and students to, among others, lock doors to offices and residence rooms, keep their personal belongings safe and not to have electronic equipment on display in, for example, cars.

The incident is an unfortunate one. It should be mentioned that the student’s laptop was not stolen while a class was taking place.

It was during a break with most students not in class and the laptop was left unguarded by the owner for that moment.

It seems that those who were in the class at that moment were not aware of the fact that a theft was taking place.

The university is supporting the SAPS in their investigation and is making footage available.