Road woes

Ann Stirling Roberts,
Friends of Heldeberg Estate

Last week an enormous vehicle carrying large earth-moving equipment got completely stuck, trying to turn left from the top of Leccino into Companje Road, heading for Farm 713.1, pictured.

It completely blocked the road. Eventually it reversed right back down Leccino, an extremely dangerous manoeuvre. Needless to say the road was damaged. Fortunately no one was injured.

We have many photographs and videos taken at the time, showing the size of this vehicle attempting to navigate our roads.

When is something going to be done to stop these huge construction trucks from trying to use roads which are simply not suitable?

We have already in the recent past had two trucks miss the turn on Companje and end up in the garden of Little Stream Estate.

So far there have been no injuries, but it is only a matter of time and we are extremely concerned about potential fatalities, bearing in mind the recent one on Dummer (a cement truck crashed into a tree, it is thought due to brake failure, and the driver of the truck died – Ed), which is a much wider and less steep road than ours.

The turn at the top of Leccino is almost impossible for a large vehicle to navigate.

Presumably the driver had no choice but to try this route, as the load was too large to travel under the oaks on Harewood Avenue, and the alternative via Almond is even more dangerous.

Can something please be done. I have been promised road and site inspections but have had no feedback whatsoever.

Why can’t a weight limit be imposed?