Road-side pollution

Pine needle litter in Adam Tas Road, Somerset West.

Ingrid Buyck,
Somerset West

I moved to Somerset West three years ago. I am a citizen of the Kingdom of Belgium and sometimes don’t understand the way this country, and also the City of Cape Town, are managed.

Last week I saw plenty of plastic blue bags in Reservoir Road which had been cleaned by the municipal workers. A lot of them were almost empty. I didn’t know that Cape Town was the city of the “Smurfs” but must complain about this terrible pollution for our environment.

I think that it would be much better to use small carriages with some rubbish bins inside. The City of Cape Town must set a good example and not use plenty of plastic bags. We can’t accept such a thing in the 21st century.

I live in a very nice area but the roadsides are dirty. The bottom of Adam Tas Road is full of pine needles. We have some ugly Nordic pines which make a lot of dirt, and drink so much underground water.

I don’t understand why the municipality doesn’t want to remove these awful pines, which are not indigenous trees.

I regularly must clean inside my property which is full of pine needles during the summer months. I have often complained about this issue and sent many emails to our ward councillor.

The only result I have got until now is the trimming of these awful trees. The Heritage Department is reluctant to remove some old trees but they are so dangerous and can easily fall if we get very strong winds.