RIP Ettienne Gouws

Ettienne Gouws.

Ettienne Gouws, headmaster of Parel Vallei High School from January 1997 to April 2014, passed away recently. He was a remarkable man, and a headmaster with a thorough knowledge of the teaching profession. His passion and love for Parel Vallei, the staff and pupils was unrivalled and evident from the fact that he attended school functions for a long time after his retirement, whenever he could.  His contribution to Parel Vallei’s success was invaluable.  The pupils, as people, were most important for Mr Gouws. His intense focus on the wellbeing of all pupils, left many of them with indelible, lifelong impressions. Mr Gouws, his gentlemanly manner, optimism, and dedication to Parel Vallei will be remembered for a long time. The school community’s thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones at this time.