Religious connection?

Bobby Dover, Somerset West

I read with interest the seven letters in Bolander of January 18, in connection with the Helderberg College development – with only one letter supporting it from Dr Bernhard Ficker.

In it he states: “Helderberg College has never bothered anyone”.

I wonder where in Somerset West Dr Ficker lives to enable him to make this statement?

He also accuses the Friends of Helderberg Estate of not identifying themselves.

They probably started out as few concerned residents of the area wanting to inform the broader community.

However, a quick Google of “Dr Bernhard Ficker” returns several links to Seventh Day Adventist Church related articles, this church being the owners of Helderberg College. It seems that it is the same person as the letter writer, so is it not a case of the saying “the pot calling the kettle black”.

He did not mention that he has at least a religious link to the owners of the property in question, so his view may be slightly biased, especially if he does not stay in the area directly affected by the proposed development.