Refuse service

Hennie Vermaas, Somerset West

We have had a problem that is not stopping.

The refuse removal dates changed earlier this year. Why? Nobody knows. Ever since that happened the service has gone from reasonable to total rubbish. We had up to three weeks where no collection was made, yet we are obliged to pay the so called “statutory fee” regardless if the service was provided or not.

I phoned today to complain about a service that was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. When I phoned I got a reference number – 9105 787 886 and was told that there is a 48- hours turnaround time.

When I told the woman that the service was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday, the response was that it does not matter because there is a 48 hour turnaround time after the complaint.

The next moment the phone was put down on me, before the end of the conversation.

I phoned back and spoke to Ngaba. What a pleasure to speak to someone who understood.

The fact is that we are paying for a service that does not exist.

Can we make our own turnaround times for non-delivery?

If so, then I would state that if it happens again I would either not pay at month end but only at the end of the next month and will exclude any payment for services not delivered.