Recycling woes

Gaynor Sellick,
Gordon’s Bay

No recycling was collected in Gordon’s Bay on September 23 and September 30. Bags and a glossy pamphlet were distributed.

The telephone number, 067 876 8320, was manned by an answering machine, but our recorded messages were never answered.

I tried the DA office in Bright Street (021 851 3495), but no one ever answered, and there was no answering machine so one could not leave a message.

I called Ward 100 DA councillor Johan Middleton’s cell number, 083 284 0427 and his voicemail said he was either unavailable, on the road or in a meeting, but to leave an SMS.

I teach Xhosa on a Monday afternoon, and the recyclers arrived in the middle of my first lesson. “Callooh! Callay! A frabjous day”!

My husband had called the City of Cape Town call centre at 0860 103 089 on or about September 30, and explained the matter to Anita, who said she would report the problem, and gave him a reference number.

He also tried 021 400 3298, and spoke to Nazri, who said this was the right number, and that she would phone back on Friday afternoon, October 4, but nothing happened.

I tried this number too, and Shayma said she (Nazri) was not available. Another blank.

So, between the City of Cape Town, the pamphlet and the DA, I have become more and more disillusioned.

Between the vagrants who tear open the bags, and the south-easter which then distributes the lighter contents, the old village of Gordon’s Bay has looked to be a sad, neglected place.

We also have graffiti in two places in Brittan Lane which leads from Miller Street to Beach Road past Bikini Beach bookshop. No wonder no one wants to invest.

I hope that after yesterday’s collection, that we are now back to the very efficient and regular routine of collecting our recycling.