Raffle for rhinos

Pictured, from left, are Leon van der Merwe, Diane Webb and first prize winners Talita and Cobus Burger.

Ndiza gallery and Krystal Beach Hotel in Gordon’s Bay recently raised R6 000 in an art raffle, as a campaign to raise funds for Saving The Survivors.

Hope, a six-year-old rhino, was attacked by poachers who hacked off both her horns and left her for dead. Badly mutilated, she wandered around and hid in the bushes for four days and five nights. Saving the Survivors performed multiple surgeries and saved her life.

The organisation was founded in 2012 by Dr Johan Marais. “While we will attend to the needs of any animal that survives a poaching incident, most of our efforts have been directed at rhino due to the vicious attacks that many of them have fallen victim to,” said Dr Marais.

“The number of victims is rapidly increasing. Fortunately many poaching victims have been given a second chance after undergoing various interventions and surgical procedures performed by our team. Most of these animals are treated in their natural habitat as transporting injured wildlife increases the risk and trauma they experience.

“We are very fortunate to collaborate with world-renowned clinical specialists and conservation groups, and we are very grateful for the unwavering support of the public.”

For more informatiom, visit www.savingthesurvivors.org

First prize winner Talita Burger donated the painting of Hope to Saving the Survivors, and chose two other works by artist Diane Webb.