Radloff reactions

Happy hounds in the Lourens River

Estelle Louw, Somerset West

I’d like to share a recent photo of my two Border collies enjoying playtime with some of their friends at Radloff Park. I am one of the hundreds of dog owners supporting the plea of keeping this “piece of doggy heaven” leash-free for our dogs.

A request to the City of Cape Town to make the park an on-leash area, with only a small piece of land away from the river leash-free, is threatening to take away this very special privilege from our “furry children”.

Many owners, like myself, are retired and our dogs are confined to smaller spaces. To be able to run and play freely to their hearts’ content, socialise with other dogs and take a swim in the clear, fresh river water, are the things that bring quality to their lives. away. Please don’t take it away.