Radloff objections

Above and right, the gathering at the park, and Lucia Theron greets one of the regulars, Mr Murphy.

Diana Lensen, Helderberg

It is with great sadness that this matter of “Dogs on leads” in Radloff Park, has warranted such reaction from the public.

What was this piece of land originally reserved for, but
for wholesome recreation?

Where else in the Helderberg basin is there another place like it?

Filled with happy people with happy hounds.

There is an exceptionally important aspect of utilising this park which has been overlooked, and it is this:

Many come on a weekly bases to “detox the mind” of the stress that besets so many, by mixing with all those dog owners who
have such positive and caring attitudes, together with gentle advice.

To interact with such carefree people restores the soul. Are you going to rob us of this shear enjoyment?

Are you aware of the therapy that this area creates, enjoying those dogs coming up to say hello, when encouraged, with their unreserved love, and wagging tales?

Perhaps one should take a good look at those who might have had some nasty experience.

I have been bitten three times by dogs, (not in Radloff Park), but in each case there has been a underlying cause, and in all
cases it was the owner/
human who needed
the dog training, not the dog.

Read the papers of these cases or ask any hospital or doctor.

A gentle approach leads to a correction in all cases, leading to happier dogs and relaxed owners.

Remember, a dog can sense apprehension in a human
long before it
becomes evident to humans.

The wrongdoer is often the one to point a finger, as they have lacked counseling on how to approach and manager an incident involving animals of any sort.

Let those who have caused this commotion come forward and resolve what could have been handled correctly in the first place.

Look to yourself, and see if perhaps your attitude was not at fault.

Be honest with yourself. Being self-centred and selfish does not lead to friendship, and that is what Radloff Park is all about.

A happy place for animals and friends: long may it last.