PV Prodigy

Du Toit Spies, a Grade 12 pupil at Parel Vallei High School, took part in the provincial Minquiz competition in May. The competition is organised by South Africa’s national mineral research organisation, Mintek, that specialises in all aspects of mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and related technology. The aim of Minquiz is to promote excellence in physical sciences and mathematics, encouraging interest in careers in science, engineering and technology. Under the guidance of Sonia Manthey, who has been teaching at Parel Vallei since 2003 and is captain of the science department, the PV team achieved a second place in the provincial platinum division and Du Toit came first in the individual provincial platinum division. Du Toit was then selected for the Western Cape team and took part in the national Minquiz competition in Gauteng last week. Overall, the Western Cape team attained third place, and Du Toit achieved first place in the national platinum division. Pictured are Du Toit Spies and Sonia Manthey.